Work in progress on the Ballinadee Bus
Details on the unit at the Ballinadee Bus

Welcome to  one of our most remarkable projects: the conversion of the Ballinadee Bus into a captivating tiny living space. Contacted by Thomas, Anna, and Rachel, we were tasked with fitting the kitchen and flooring for this infamous bus, all within a tight timeframe. The icing on the cake? Our work was featured on the renowned Dermot Bannon’s Super Small Spaces show, showcasing our expertise in transforming limited spaces into functional and stylish havens.

The Ballinadee Bus project presented unique challenges and opportunities. We chose moisture-resistant MDF for the kitchen and flooring, as the bus would be exposed to the elements outdoors. Alan expertly fitted the kitchen over the wheel arches, maximizing the available space and ensuring every inch was utilized efficiently. The design, meticulously crafted in-house, showcased our ability to create bespoke solutions tailored to the specific needs of our clients.


Watch the captivating episode of Dermot Bannon’s Super Small Spaces featuring our work on the Ballinadee Bus:

Super Small Spaces – Ep 01


The Ballinadee Bus project was an exciting and rewarding venture, pushing the boundaries of small space design. We were honored to be part of this transformation, turning a bus into a functional and inviting living space. Stay tuned for more inspiring projects and updates as we continue to create remarkable bespoke furniture solutions.

The interior of the Ballinadee Bus

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